World of Warcraft – The Death of PvP

January 8, 2009

An oldie but a goodie machinima video about the death of Player versus Player (PvP) action in the video game World of Warcraft – sigh I miss PvPing at level 60 with my Paladin and bags full of Iron Grenades – shit was hawt!

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Moya

January 8, 2009

this song absolutely kicks ass at the 5 minute mark…seriously, take a listen to an incredible musical journey…

I’m gonna git you sucka!

October 2, 2008

Some of the funniest scenesĀ  and the trailer from a classic spoof of the 70’s Blacksploitation film genre…props to CC for reminding me of this hilarious movie from the 80’s!

|——-Twelve Inches——|

How much for one rib?

Pimp of the Year

Richard Wright – Pink Floyd R.I.P.

September 16, 2008

One of the founding members of the greatest band in the history of music, Pink Floyd, has died. You will be missed Richard.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

300 Theme song, “Just Like You Imagined” – Nine Inch Nails

September 5, 2008

Nice film clip editing to go with the great soundscape in the song.