CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)

April 30, 2009

1 split jerk right foot forward
1 split jerk left foot forward
1 push jerk
Combine total max weight of three jerks for your score!
You can’t rack the bar between jerks, and three strikes you’re out!!!

I was quite pleased with my workout this morning and even more so in the fact that I kept pushing myself, even when I thought I had hit a wall and ended up going up an additional 10 pounds max from 105 lbs. to 115lbs.

So my total score for 3 x 115 lbs = 345 lbs.

CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day)

April 16, 2009

I committed myself to getting back into working out hard at CrossFit and so I have gone into the gym the past two days and intend to do so again for the next two and then party quite hard at my buddy Spencer’s birthday party on Saturday night!

With that being said, today’s workout focused on strength training and so I worked on maxing weight on the following exercises:

1 rep max front squat
1 rep max push press
1 rep max thruster

total=max front squat+max push press+max thruster

Altogether, I scored the following:

Front Squat = 155 lbs.
Push Press   = 115 lbs.
Thruster       = 105 lbs.

Total Score   = 375 lbs. combined

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Yesterday’s Workout:

Warmup worked on handstands (something I definitely need to work on more), then we went on to the following:

Build up to your 1 rep max box jump, then: # of rounds in 12minutes
300m row
6 mountain climbers
3 Waist high box jumps
6 burpees

Altogether, I completed 3 1/4 rounds of the exercises above in 12 minutes and had a max box jump of 34 inches – not bad considering I am getting back into the swing of things again!

Yesterday’s CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD)

February 19, 2009

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My abdominal muscles are so freaking sore and strained after doing this workout yesterday…
– FlashAddict

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8 Rounds of the following:

30 second Kettle Bell Rotations (25 lbs.)
30 second Gut Busters (situps where your upper body and legs collapse together in the middle = pain)

Technical Exercise:

15 minutes of Gymnastic Ring pushups (with arms extended in front of you and to the sides = more pain)

Workout of the Day:

Number of rounds in 20 minutes:
12 rolling medball situps (partners sit 5 feet away from each other with legs straight out in the splits. One partner takes the medball and touches it behind their head throwing it from the ground while doing a situp. When the other partner receives the ball they then touch it behind their head and throw it from the ground while doing a situp. This process is repeated until each partner does 12 situps.
9 Medball Sprawl Balls (one partner drops to the ground doing almost like a burpee but instead of doing a pushup dropping your chest on the medball with your feet kicking back into a plank position, then stand up with the ball and do a chest pass to your partner who will still be standing 5 feet away. Repeat the process until each partner has done 9 Sprawl Balls)
6 Partner handstand pushups (three each partner-assistance is allowed-ask the coach how to spot a handstand pushup if you are unsure).
3 Partner Pistols (stand facing your partner off centered. Right hand of one partner holds the right hand of the other partner and use each other as counter balance to do a pistol-you will both be doing the pistol at the same time. Do three on one side and then switch sides and do three on the other side.)

My partner and I were able to complete 5 rounds of this brutal workout – although I didn’t do the Handstand pushups, I did 20 lbs. dumbell shoulder presses with each arm instead cause my body was aching as it was!!!

Thursday’s CrossFit WOD

October 3, 2008

I have been a little slackish on doing CrossFit for the past week because I have a slight upper abdominal strain that I picked up from doing pull-ups but lo and behold I bit the proverbial bullet and went to the 5pm class after working at school all day and busted out some blood, sweat and tears…

Thursday’s WOD:

Max Front Squat: worked my way up to a Max of 165 lbs.
Max Pullups: was only able to do 2.5 pull-ups due to my abdominal strain but at least I gave it a go!

Also, here is the video from the last CrossFit Clean & Jerk session that took place in September – better late then never to show you the video – you can see me in action during the last clip of the video:


Monday’s CrossFit WOD

September 22, 2008

Stupid me went into the gym this morning to work out during the 11am class, only to find out that they don’t have 11am classes on Monday :S

BUT Popeye (one of the CF personal trainers) was there with 2 of his clients and let me do my own thing while he worked with them. Unfortunately for me, I still have a bit of an abdominal strain from last week’s workouts (pullups killed me) so Popeye told me to skip today’s WOD:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of
wall balls (20 lbs)
box jumps
sit ups

and to just focus on my legs only – best to work other muscles then to strain my abs further and not be able to workout at all.

So after my warmup, I ended up doing 4 rounds of the following:

400m run
50 x squats

TOTAL TIME: 36:19 – not the greatest of times, but my conditioning during the last run and squat round was better then my third, so it’s all coming together nicely.

PS: When I first joined CrossFit 2 months ago, I weighed 235 pounds – when I weighed myself this morning…I was 215 pounds!!! 20 pounds down in 8 weeks and I am well on my way to get down to my goal in the 200-205 lbs range.

Last Thursday’s CrossFit WOD

September 22, 2008

Sorry I’m a little late updating the blog – was busy all weekend having fun in rainy Vancouver!

400m run with 20lb medicine ball
5 minute rest to let heart rate catch up
800m regular run


“Quarter Gone Bad”
Five rounds for total reps of:
95 lbs thrusters, 15 seconds (Thruster = get the bar from the rack and have it resting on your shoulders – drop down to a front squat – drive the legs up and press the bar up above your head)
Rest 45 Seconds
(the regular workout calls for men to have 135 lbs, but 95 lbs is all I could get up to)

Pull-ups, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
(the regular workout calls for 50 lbs weighted pullups, but I was only just able to start doing regular pullups so that will be my goal to shoot for)

burpees, 15 seconds (drop down to the floor and do a pushup, then jump up to a jumping jack)
Rest 45 seconds

TOTAL SCORE: 39 reps alltogether over 15 minutes

Tuesday’s CrossFit WOD

September 16, 2008

Lucky Se7ens – 7 timed rounds of the following:
7 x 75 lbs. Push Jerk
7 x 75 lbs. Sumo Deadlift
7 x Burpies (jumping jack down to a push up)

Total time: 27:20

Total Exhaustion: My body was crying afterwards ;(

BUT during the technical portion of the day’s workout, I was able to get a max push jerk lift of 135 lbs. so yay me! I also went and did the 4 hour CrossFit Clean & Jerk training session on Saturday and will post the video from that as soon as it is up. I got up to 105 lbs. on my Split Jerk!

Thursday’s CrossFit WOD

September 12, 2008

This one made my legs weep in agony and despair…

“DIRTY 30”

30 x Squats (body only, no bar)
30 x 20 lb. Kettle Bell weight
30 x 2 foot box jump
30 x Burpies (jumping jack down to a pushup)
30 x 20 lb. Wall Ball (throw a medicine ball up against a wall about 10 feet high and catch it)

TOTAL TIME = 15:04

Afterwards, Johnny was /cry /pain /agony