Wednesday’s DIVA 200 class

October 10, 2008

Sorry that I have been lax in updating my blog, but I got food poisoning last Friday, which morphed into a lovely bouquet of influenza due to my immune system being shot to hell, so I have been a little under the weather of late.

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the cloud

tetris + knight rider on office building windows

– starbucks has the largest wireless cloud in the world – they are now an entertainment channel
– doing the same with internet connection as they did with music cds
– war chalking / war driving
– hobo culture / signs / graffity to communicate and warn one another
– marks on buildings to let people know where free internet access is around the city
– notion of privacy of how much of your life is public and how much is private
– google is keeping track of every single search that we do
– web crawler and cyber squatters flipping internet domains

drift.relay in san jose by glowlab
“information wants to be free” = guiding moto of open source movement
book called “The Long Tale” – by Chris Anderson who is the editor of Wired Magazine
– digital content (sitting on a hard drive) versus brick and mortar inventory in a store
– there will be a market for my work
– eventually you will be able to buy the license to a piece of content that you have already paid for (cd, dvd, blue-ray, next gen…)
– digital has transformed everything
– google is the single largest data mining enterprise in the world – save every search until 2038

– google knol – is this the precursor of the CIC (Central Intelligence Corporation – Snow Crash)?
– knol = unit of knowledge – go and get information and if you want more, you can pay for it
– Google is giving you information that they THINK you may want
– civil liberties = main concern: aggregation of personal data in commercial databases
– government databases are subject to privacy act
– commercial databases fall outside of privacy act, and the use of contractors has transformed law enforcement
– ChoicePoint or Seisint, aggregate data from commercial transactions with public records (prescriptions, groceries, travel plans, criminal records)

– potential for abuse
– concentrated target for hackers, identty thieves and authorities otherwise constrained by privacy act
– Seisint compiled a list of 120,000 based of a “terrorist quotient”, a profile they created including ethnicity and religious beliefs and handed it over to law enforcement
– Florida relied on ChoicePoint to identify convicted felons registered to vote – as many as 1 in 7 were wrongfully expunged from the voters list (voter margin in 2000 was 537 votes)

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification
– shock bracelets with EMD Technology (Electro-Muscular Disruption)

Privacy and Social Networks
Google’s Value Proposition – “is to figure out what people want, but to read our minds, they need to know a lot about us”
– will pull ads containing certain keywords, but will not state what those keywords are
– handed over user-records of Orkut to Brazilian government for an investigation
(orkut is a social networking service which is run by Google and named after its creator, an employee of Google – Orkut Büyükkökten. The service states that it was designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships.)
– censored and constrained its Chinese search-engine to gain access to that market
– the Chinese government is in the process of saving SKYPE messages that pass through mainland China and now SKYPE has ended their relationship with their Chinese affiliate

Google Streets – recorded some random kid who saw the Google van drive by and he ended up wiping out on his bike
“Don’t Be Evil”

Second Life Lawsuit

The Worst of Real Made Virtual
– the covenant of Extropia
– A Declaration of the Rights of Avatars – by Ralph Koster

189 Satellites that don’t officially exist (spy satellites CIA, KGB)
iridium satellite flashes – search when the satellite will flash on the web
– Russian town had 400 people show up in yellow raincoats and stood in the town square when the google satellite went overhead

Last Wednesday’s DIVA 200 class notes

September 17, 2008

DIVA 200 – last Wednesday’s class notes – yes I know I am late getting these on the blog!!!

Subvert Cultural Phenomenons – do not look down on sub-cultures

Gilligan’s Island = Lost of the 1960’s
Christian Metz – watch youtube videos

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PAINSTATION – Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff

First Painstation game ever

The concept was based on the scene in the James Bond movie, “Never say Never Again” with Sean Connery

– instead of the game being Global Thermonuclear Dominance, the game is Pong!
– players use one hand to navigate the game itself, with the other hand on the “Pain Dispenser”
– if a player misses a ball, they receive either an electric shock,
– relevant today with entertainment such as Gladiator, Jackass, Rollerball/Roller Derby
– commentary on Totalitarian sanctioned violence to pacify/subdue/desensitize the populace

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– installed at Tesla For Transmediale exhibition
– treadmill in the gallery with motion detectors = running inside a virtual world
– what happens when you actually get to the wall at the end?
– boundary between reality / virtual – also shows limits
– the treadmill only goes in a linear direction (forwards and reverse)
– can’t strafe from side to side or turn around

homage to Cave Automatic Virtual Environment

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chitrakarkhana n, hindi

1.[chitra+karkhana]- Image workshop

or picture factory. A fully independent, small scale unit for experimental media.

2. [chitrakar+khana]- Artist food.

– TV broadcasting experiment in India
– what constitutes the viewer / performer – web cam vs. audience
– constitutes narrow casting (ie: youtube channel with only 10 subscribers)
– relevance – London CCTV = Big Brother
– London Underground Terrorist bombings – without the CCTV, the police would not have cracked the case

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A couple of thousand short films about Glen Gould

– meticulously constructed from youtube samples of individual notes played by amateurs –
– bricolage

Super Mario Bros. Movie

“Two unattended computers send endlessly bouncing out-of-office auto-responses to each other”

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Perimeters, Boundaries and Border
RSS Newsreel – Good news = Hot weather front / Bad news = Cold weather front
Merging weather information and digital displayed information

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WEARABLE ART – R.F.I.D. experiments – Leah Bueckley

L.E.D. tank tops – used conductive thread for wireless communication
(reminds me of “Minority Report” advertisements within the movie)

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JIM CAMPBELL – Church on Fifth Avenue

Church On Fifth Avenue, 2001
Custom electronics

A matrix of 32 x 24 (768) pixels made out of red LEDs displaying a pedestrian and auto traffic scene in NY from an off street perspective. There is a sheet of diffusing plexiglass angled in front of the grid. As the pedestrians move from left to right the figures gradually go from a discrete representation to a continuous one (or metaphorically from a digital representation to an analog one).

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JANET CARDIFF – The Telephone Call

– audio/video walk through the San Francisco M.O.M.A.
– commentary from artist for audio tour but it;s for shock value
– record mp3 file and walk around museum and do podcast
– brings up concept of located media – text 55555 to hot babe

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Super Mario Theme – RC Car with bottles

Super Mario Theme – Zack Kim


Japanese TV Pranks

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– reality vs. representation
– deliver best product for the platform
– open taboo subject discussions within a totalitarian state

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TROIKA – SMS Guerilla Projector

The SMS Guerilla Projector is a home made, fully functioning device that enables the user to project text based SMS messages in public spaces, in streets, onto people, inside cinemas, shops, houses…

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