January 16, 2009

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Project Theme:         Tension

Team Name:             Who Does Number 4 Work For? – (what do you guys think of that team name?)

Team Members:       John / Ashley / Zack

John                    Monday and Wednesday
Ashley                Monday and Wednesday after 3:30 – Sundays if necessary – will be away last week in January 26 – February 2
Zack                    Monday and Wednesday after 3:30 – Sundays if necessary

John                    high quality SLR camera – Flash/Illustrator graphics for title sequences or graphic effects
Ashley                not so great quality miniDV camera – audio mixing software, but not the know how to use it
Zack                    good video 8 camera – access to high-end school cameras – knows Premiere really well

Initial Thoughts:
– Tension = awkwardness or tension between people
– when you talk to someone you like, you don’t know what to say
– simple ideas can
– tension can orchestrate a simple event into a more complex event
– difficult thing look effortless
– Ashley wants to get a bare room and dance for 12 hours straight but with on song looped for 1 hour = ultimate compilation
– audience would say, “why is this chick still dancing to the same song?!?!?”
– transformation from poor video format to high end
– finger nails scratching a blackboard
– wading through water that is off-limits to the public / utilizing them for bathing
– SCUBA HOOD and Regarde la Lune by Tom Green
– play with the notion of what’s acceptable
– milk crate ladders that lead up to a roof – simple elements that lead to a solution / access / greater achievement
– James Luna – California based artist who put himself on display in a Museum of Anthropoly
– guy goes into galleries and offers his body up to the audience to do whatever they ask – Chris Burden?
– bodily investment FTW
– take our bodies to verge of their breaking points (metaphorically or literally)
– Earthlings – narrated by Joaquin Phoenix – don’t eat a hamburger while watching this movie
– against school policy to harm yourself in any school projec

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Inspiration video links that come to mind that revolve around TENSION

Man on Wire – World Trade Center High Wire Walking stunt in the 1970’s

– Andrew Campbell can do high wiretightrope walking

Tom Green is The Man:


Making fun of cripples

Soccer Hooligans

Sneaking into a movie

Is Tom Green funnier when he’s drunk?

Tiger Zebra

Show us your Teats

Slutmobile (the best video of the bunch!)

Reading the Screen – Persepolis

November 4, 2008



Trailer 2

Eye of the Tiger

Extended scene

Becoming a Woman

Interview with Marjanne about english dubbing

My screening notes:
– Teheran 1978 – year before the revolution – on comes the scarf
– This is a historic moment – I told you!
– old school puppet show animation
– “comuniss”
– silhouetted figures throwing rocks, marching soldiers and tanks rolling
– crowds chanting and marching – soldiers fired – man is killed – blood soaks the street – he is lifted on the shoulders of his comrades
– crowds march on the royal palace after the shah spoke on TV
– our torturers were trained by the CIA
– 99.99% of the people voted for the Islamic Republic
– we’ll purge all anti-revolutionaries
– the Shah’s prison is now the Islamist’s prison
– she curses God when her uncle is executed
– Saddam struck a vulnerable country
– the regime struck up more and more repressive laws

Tehran 1982
– Bee Gees and ABBA
– air raid warning – head to the bomb shelter
– fighting over food in the markets – hardly any food at all
– man yells at her mother for not wearing her scarf then she screams at a man honking at her
– Iraqi bombers attack Tehran at night – the family runs to the basement
– everyone looks up
– the day after – bomb damaged buildings and craters – statue of liberty is a skeleton = death to america
– black market selling music – Jichael Mackson – women try to take her to the religious police
– head banging to heavy metal – scenes of tanks, jets and soldiers
– suicide attacks – freeze frame explosion – plastic key to get into heaven
– offering them food and women if they fight and die in heaven
– alcohol and dance parties were held to bear with the trouble
– war victims in the hospital – I need your authorization to get his passport
– missile destroyed her friend’s house – the scream
– we went from 3,000 prisoners under the shah to 300,000 under the new regime
– Niloufar was executed but it is illegal to kill a virgin so a guard had sex with her first
– her grandmother’s breasts smell of flowers
– never forget who you are are where you’re from
– so many families send their children abroad to escape the repression
– back to present day – she takes off the scarf and has a cigarette
– her mother’s friend put her in a catholic dormatory for girls
– lonely xmas holiday spent with only the nuns – her friends have all left to visit their families

– however hard I tried, I was haunted by guilt
– adolescence has finally hit her – hilarious scene as her body changes and enlarges
– her shadow is talking with her grandmother’s shadow – she is ashamed of who she is and her iranian heritage
– she made a guy find out that he was gay – you’re welcome she said
– heart symbols in the railings – but she comes home to find markus sleeping with another woman
– she tells her landlady to go fuck herself then flashes back to the relationship with markus as an ugly man
– now she’s on the streets and has no money
– her parents didnt recognize her when she got home
– the future would be brighter now that the war is over
– families only have streets of the martyrs left of their loved ones
– her friend lost his arm and leg in the war – makes her realize her troubles arent so bad
– psychiatrist says she has depression – prescribes anti-depression drugs – now everything is slow and distorted – she cries and cries and cries
– pills bottles and more pills – sleeping sleeping sleeping – she becomes just an outline – falling motionless through the sky
– God finds her again – dont you know your time hasnt come yet?

– Tehran 1992
– religious police have censored Boticelli’s Birth of Venus with black markers
– you had a choice – everyone has a choice!!!
– she told the Guardians that a man had insulted her to escape being imprisoned
– life drawing class of a girl in full length drape – LAWL!!!
– fear lulls our minds to sleep
– religious police show up to crash a party with music and alcohol – young man tries to escape but falls off of the roof
– Nima is dead…I’m leaving you
– today’s Iran is not for you – I forbid you to return
– I never saw my grandmother again – freedom has its price
– back to present day and in colour
– where are you coming from?…Iran