January 16, 2009

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Project Theme:         Tension

Team Name:             Who Does Number 4 Work For? – (what do you guys think of that team name?)

Team Members:       John / Ashley / Zack

John                    Monday and Wednesday
Ashley                Monday and Wednesday after 3:30 – Sundays if necessary – will be away last week in January 26 – February 2
Zack                    Monday and Wednesday after 3:30 – Sundays if necessary

John                    high quality SLR camera – Flash/Illustrator graphics for title sequences or graphic effects
Ashley                not so great quality miniDV camera – audio mixing software, but not the know how to use it
Zack                    good video 8 camera – access to high-end school cameras – knows Premiere really well

Initial Thoughts:
– Tension = awkwardness or tension between people
– when you talk to someone you like, you don’t know what to say
– simple ideas can
– tension can orchestrate a simple event into a more complex event
– difficult thing look effortless
– Ashley wants to get a bare room and dance for 12 hours straight but with on song looped for 1 hour = ultimate compilation
– audience would say, “why is this chick still dancing to the same song?!?!?”
– transformation from poor video format to high end
– finger nails scratching a blackboard
– wading through water that is off-limits to the public / utilizing them for bathing
– SCUBA HOOD and Regarde la Lune by Tom Green
– play with the notion of what’s acceptable
– milk crate ladders that lead up to a roof – simple elements that lead to a solution / access / greater achievement
– James Luna – California based artist who put himself on display in a Museum of Anthropoly
– guy goes into galleries and offers his body up to the audience to do whatever they ask – Chris Burden?
– bodily investment FTW
– take our bodies to verge of their breaking points (metaphorically or literally)
– Earthlings – narrated by Joaquin Phoenix – don’t eat a hamburger while watching this movie
– against school policy to harm yourself in any school projec

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Inspiration video links that come to mind that revolve around TENSION

Man on Wire – World Trade Center High Wire Walking stunt in the 1970’s

– Andrew Campbell can do high wiretightrope walking

Tom Green is The Man:


Making fun of cripples

Soccer Hooligans

Sneaking into a movie

Is Tom Green funnier when he’s drunk?

Tiger Zebra

Show us your Teats

Slutmobile (the best video of the bunch!)

Reading the Screen – class notes from last Friday (animation)

October 2, 2008

“The Humorous phases of funny faces” – J. Stewart Blackton?

– done with chalk so it was erased with each frame

“Fantasmagorie” – Emile Cohl

– first true animation in August 1908
– graphite on paper

“Walking” – Ryan Larkin

– was nominated for an academy award in 1970, but Ryan lost his way and fell into drugs and despair
“Ryan” – Chris Landreth

part 1

part 2

– a 2004 Oscar-winning animated documentary by Chris Landreth about the influential Canadian animator Ryan Larkin (see above – he did “Walking”), who in later years lived on skid row in Montreal following a history of drug and alcohol abuse.
Earl Heard 1915 – invented celluloid animation – all studios had to pay him a royalty until the patent ran into the public domain

“The Old Mill” – Disney

– tricks of the trade – multi-plane camera
– special effects animation from back in 1937 – old school cgi hand drawn and hand painted (very labour intensive)
– editing is so important, it’s how you move an audience
– as the storm builds, the shots get closer and closer – cutting/editing make the film
– Walt Disney spent only 12 years to refine animation from Steamboat Willy to Fantasia

– Disney either created or refined modern day aspects of animation
– Leonard Maltin has published numerous animation history books, including “Of Mice and Magic”
– 1937 – Snow White – used multi-plane camera up to Little Mermaid – last time it was used
– now they use D Canvas or Caps and computers to simulate 3d and distance
– “Minnie the Moocher”

– opening with Cab Calloway Hidy Hidy Ho!
– Cab Calloway was the man back in the day!  Max Fleischer vs. Disney studios
– Betty Boop was one of the first fully female animated characters- early example of rotoscoping with Cab dancing – precursor to Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly plus the iPod commercials as well – music video by The New Pornographers
Waking Life – Trailer

A Scanner Darkly – Trailer

New Pornographers – Myriad Harbour

Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed (The Adventures of Prince Achmed)

– 300,000 cut outs to make this film – Lotte Reiniger – made in 1927
– very first animated feature film – she was the only one who did the cut outs – silhouette animation film

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello – steampunk animation

The Old Man and the Sea – Alexander Petrov

part 1

part 2

– hand painted on glass (finger painting)
– wow – incredible paintings – clouds turn into elephants – lions – the sailing ship
– amazing detail in the oar slicing through the water and having the drops drip down
– the swordfish leaps several feet out of the water and keeps puling the boat further out to sea
– phosphorescence at night is beautiful – the crowd of people on the beach is incredibly detailed
– in the credits, it shows the director Alexander Petrov hand painting each individual glass frame

Peter and the Wolf – Suzie Templeton (also did a film called “Dog”)
– stop motion puppet animation

lots of cutting edge animation happening in music videos
international film festival – should check it out
the story of pixar – director leslie was grand-daughter of the guy who helped do steamboat willy
– the man who planted trees was roger lassiter’s inspiration – he played it to introduce his festival
– not an actual true story – was fiction – frederick back

animation = bringing life out of something static
– animation is about drawing movement
– is it possible to make a bad film with beautiful drawings (star wars 1-3, final fantasy…)
– can you make a good film with bad drawings (rejected, simpsons, don hertzfeld)

Welcome to the Show – Don Hertzfeld


Intermission – Don Hertzfeld

End of the Show – Don Hertzfeld

Rejected – Don Hertzfeld

– animation = just for kids?!?!? nope, it is much much more
– film screenings on wednesday help showcase the various techniques

– claymation (chicken run)
– paper cut out (south park, adventures of prince achmed – first animated film ever) aka silhouette animation
– puppet animation (nightmare before christmas)
– pixelation (neighbours, space jam, white stripes hardest button to button
– object animation – stop motion (joanna priestley)

– experimental (painted glass, the street, norman mclaren)
– pin screen animation (very rare – use pin screen – NFB animations – do research – each shot is unique – cannot be recreated – alex alexsov)
– rotoscope (waking life, a scanner darkly)
– cell animation (disney, looney toons, duck amuck)
– limited animation (simpsons – all you get is mouth/hand being animated vs. disney where the entire body is animated)
aka illustrated radio because the shots are reused 1960’s cartoons like spider man)

Additional Animation clips:

The Animatrix – Final Flight of the Osiris

I’m gonna git you sucka!

October 2, 2008

Some of the funniest scenes  and the trailer from a classic spoof of the 70’s Blacksploitation film genre…props to CC for reminding me of this hilarious movie from the 80’s!

|——-Twelve Inches——|

How much for one rib?

Pimp of the Year

DIVA 200 – next project flipbook

September 25, 2008

Today we were assigned our 2nd project – we have to create our very own flipbook animation and as an example, our instructor showed this to feast our eyes upon:

This guy definitely gets an A+

One initial idea I had to play around with would be to do something of the following, one being a warcraft dance compilation – especially with the homage to Chris Farley / Ogre Chippendales dance routine:

Clocks – Coldplay

September 10, 2008

Saw them in concert in G.M. Place when they were touring for this album – put on a great show and this is one of their best songs…