Last Thursday’s CrossFit WOD

September 22, 2008

Sorry I’m a little late updating the blog – was busy all weekend having fun in rainy Vancouver!

400m run with 20lb medicine ball
5 minute rest to let heart rate catch up
800m regular run


“Quarter Gone Bad”
Five rounds for total reps of:
95 lbs thrusters, 15 seconds (Thruster = get the bar from the rack and have it resting on your shoulders – drop down to a front squat – drive the legs up and press the bar up above your head)
Rest 45 Seconds
(the regular workout calls for men to have 135 lbs, but 95 lbs is all I could get up to)

Pull-ups, 15 seconds
Rest 45 Seconds
(the regular workout calls for 50 lbs weighted pullups, but I was only just able to start doing regular pullups so that will be my goal to shoot for)

burpees, 15 seconds (drop down to the floor and do a pushup, then jump up to a jumping jack)
Rest 45 seconds

TOTAL SCORE: 39 reps alltogether over 15 minutes

Tuesday’s CrossFit WOD

September 16, 2008

Lucky Se7ens – 7 timed rounds of the following:
7 x 75 lbs. Push Jerk
7 x 75 lbs. Sumo Deadlift
7 x Burpies (jumping jack down to a push up)

Total time: 27:20

Total Exhaustion: My body was crying afterwards ;(

BUT during the technical portion of the day’s workout, I was able to get a max push jerk lift of 135 lbs. so yay me! I also went and did the 4 hour CrossFit Clean & Jerk training session on Saturday and will post the video from that as soon as it is up. I got up to 105 lbs. on my Split Jerk!

Thursday’s CrossFit WOD

September 12, 2008

This one made my legs weep in agony and despair…

“DIRTY 30”

30 x Squats (body only, no bar)
30 x 20 lb. Kettle Bell weight
30 x 2 foot box jump
30 x Burpies (jumping jack down to a pushup)
30 x 20 lb. Wall Ball (throw a medicine ball up against a wall about 10 feet high and catch it)

TOTAL TIME = 15:04

Afterwards, Johnny was /cry /pain /agony