Dying Briton ‘wrote killer’s name in blood’

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Pretty messed up story I came across today…
– FlashAddict

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LONDON (AFP) – A British student desperately tried to scrawl the name of his German love rival in his own blood as he was being stabbed to death, a court heard on Tuesday.

Matthew Pyke was knifed more than 80 times by German office worker David Heiss, who had become obsessed with his girlfriend after getting to know the couple through a computer games website, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Jurors were shown a photograph of Pyke’s computer with the first three letters of Heiss’s first name scrawled in blood on the side in what the prosecution says was an apparent attempt to alert police.

The object of Heiss’s affection was Joanna Witton, 21, who lived with Pyke.

Heiss, also 21, from Limburg near Frankfurt, denies murder. He claimed he stabbed 20-year-old Pyke in self-defence at Pyke’s flat in Nottingham on September 19 last year.

The German said he was fighting Pyke for his knife in the moments before he allegedly murdered him.

“He charged at me. I was trying to push his arms away so they wouldn’t make contact with me. I stumbled back and fell on the table,” Heiss said.

“He lost the knife when it fell to the floor near the table. He tried to crawl towards it but I tried to prevent it by sitting on him. After a few seconds I got hold of it.

“He started kicking me in the back and he was looking at me angrily. I was lucky that I was still alive. I was almost sure that if I had lost the knife it would have been my end.

“I don’t know if it was adrenalin but I managed to get my arm away and then I stabbed him.”

Heiss, who lived with his grandmother, used to spend up to eight hours a day on his computer, the court heard.

He met Pyke and his girlfriend through the warscentral.com website and managed to obtain their address. He visited them several times in England but the couple grew increasingly annoyed by his attentions.

The prosecution says that Heiss eventually flew to Britain and lay in wait outside Pyke’s home, pouncing on him after seeing his girlfriend leave for work, before changing his clothes and fleeing back to Germany.



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