DIVA 200 – next project flipbook

Today we were assigned our 2nd project – we have to create our very own flipbook animation and as an example, our instructor showed this to feast our eyes upon:

This guy definitely gets an A+

One initial idea I had to play around with would be to do something of the following, one being a warcraft dance compilation – especially with the homage to Chris Farley / Ogre Chippendales dance routine:

One Response to DIVA 200 – next project flipbook

  1. frixnus says:

    I didn’t know those dance moves came from actual dance moves from reality. Haha they’re so adorable. Although I love the idea of flash book with charming WOW characters, as a audience looking forward to your work,I wish I could see something that does not related with WOW. If I see another work relating to WOW, I would still feel good about the work since for me, that is part of your characteristic. But I’m curious about your working ethics in other mediums and other interest areas.

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