Soul One – Blind Melon

September 9, 2008

But this is by far Blind Melon’s best song – loved it from the first time I heard it and never get tired of listening to it again and again…

Change – Blind Melon

September 9, 2008

And when your deepest thoughts are broken,
keep on dreamin boy cause
when you stop dreamin its time to die

Ironically enough, my sister Darcy was at the band’s Vancouver concert where Shannon Hoon dropped his pants and pissed on the crowd – missed her and her friends by only a foot or two – good times!

N.W.O. – Ministry

September 9, 2008

Oh to be back in grade 11/12 and jump in the moshpit at Lollapalooza to bash around to this song again!

Would? – Alice in Chains

September 9, 2008

Perhaps the best band to come out of Seattle in the 90’s…Layne will be forever missed.

Hide and Seek – DJ Tiesto remix

September 9, 2008

DJ Tiesto’s version of Imogen Heap’s, “Hide and Seek” is just as equally powerful and a great tune to dance to.

Hide and Seek – by Imogen Heap

September 9, 2008

One of my all-time favorite songs – the beautiful and talented Imogen Heap singing, “Hide and Seek”

Layer Cake – Opening 7 minutes

September 9, 2008

One of the best film opening montages – love the song as well, “Hayling” by FC Kahuna

So I decided to switch my major…

September 9, 2008

I know, I know, I’m an idiot for doing it at this point in the semester lol, but the fact is that even though I went into the Communication Design program at Emily Carr, I had also signed up for DIVA 200 (Digital Interactive Video and Animation), with Ian Verchere, as one of my studio electives and I am exponentially more excited about this course then any of my Comm Design courses!!! That plus the fact that I had an absolute blast last spring when I took the Media Arts class with Peg Campbell – got to work with and manipulate old 16mm film stock footage, made sound recordings and loops plus I went ahead and did my own Warcraft video as well.

Everything in my body was telling me that this was the right decision to make and so I went with it. It is a risk, but a calculated risk and the reality is that I am really excited about these new courses that I will be taking. Luckily, I was able to get into the Reading the Screen class which has film screenings on Wednesday mornings and then a class seminar on Friday afternoons. I wasn’t able to get into the other courses as they were already waitlisted, but I will be able to catch up on them in the spring semester.

All in all, a pretty good day 🙂