World of Warcraft – Battle of the Wrathgate

September 25, 2008

Blizzard just released a new machinima trailer that players will be able to view as they complete quests in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. It continues the story of the Alliance and the Horde gathering their forces to attack Arthas (aka The Lich King) – good video to watch!

DIVA 200 – next project flipbook

September 25, 2008

Today we were assigned our 2nd project – we have to create our very own flipbook animation and as an example, our instructor showed this to feast our eyes upon:

This guy definitely gets an A+

One initial idea I had to play around with would be to do something of the following, one being a warcraft dance compilation – especially with the homage to Chris Farley / Ogre Chippendales dance routine:

No CrossFit today – went mountain biking instead

September 24, 2008

Still have the pesky abdominal strain so I decided not to head into the gym and do CrossFit today, but since I was having my car being serviced at the Honda dealership on Hastings street, I brought my bike down with me (bike rack FTW). I hopped on and biked all the way up Burnaby mountain and it is always a great workout to come up here – even more of a thrill going down at full speed lol!

Also worked on my DIVA 200 panoramas some more – instead of using RL footage, I took screenshots from within World of Warcraf:

Ironforge – Dwarf Capital

Nagrand Waterfall

Pink Floyd – The Wall

September 23, 2008
Pink Floyd - The Wall

Pink Floyd - The Wall

I first tried to watch, “Pink Floyd – The Wall” back in grade 8 or 9, but I simply couldn’t get into the music at the time as I found it too much to take in at the time. It wasn’t until after my mom passed away back in 1994, that I gave the film and the music another shot and I was simply awestruck by the spectacle of the film and the power that the music had over me.

Like the fictional character Pink, I had experienced personal madness myself the day my mom passed away and had to choose to view her body at the cancer clinic in Vancouver. As I walked into the room, I dropped to the floor and lost complete control over my emotions and wailed like a baby for God knows how long. So you can understand how I was drawn to the themes in the film and the music that reside within the songs from Pink Floyd.

Here are 4 songs/scenes from the film that are particularly memorable for me along with the accompanying animations by Gerald Scarfe:


Empty Spaces

Goodbye Blue Sky

Comfortably Numb

Eastern Promises – Trailer + Scene

September 23, 2008

Watched this last night – powerful performances and great directing in this contemporary classic – Viggo Mortensen was nominated for Best Actor and really stole the show in this film. Just check out this particular scene below and you will see how much he transformed to prepare for the part as a cold blooded Russian mafia killer:

“You might want to leave room…”

Hero – Trailer

September 22, 2008

Another great film by Chinese Director Zhang Yimou – starring Jet Li.

Curse of the Golden Flower – Trailer

September 22, 2008

Originally saw this last year, but it was on Movie Channel over the weekend and I watched it again – as my Design One instructor would say to describe this movie, “It was visually delicious!”

Great cinematography, incredible set design and locations to wow the senses and allow the eyes to feast.